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Clevinger & Co. is a website design and internet marketing firm based in Tallahassee, FL whose founder, C.J. Clevinger, has succesfully led hundreds of internet marketing campaigns since the introduction of the world wide web. Across countless industries and markets his creative direction has leveraged the online playing field for numerous small companies to compete against much larger corporations via a strong online presence and identity. He has also enabled larger corporations to capture additional marketshare and retain their current client base through custom website design solutions. Our focus upon website design is conversion, i.e., turning a website visitor into a customer.

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"Internet Marketing isn't a strange science, it's just the awareness & embracing of a global market." - CJ Clevinger

Responsive Website Designs

don't lose people because they lose interest...

We create websites that any user on any device can enjoy. Your website has 3 seconds to captivate a visitor into "clicking in" to the pages of interest to them, we make those 3 seconds count.

Search Engine Optimization

a great site that is lost isn't so great...

A beautiful website is a wonderful thing - only if it can be found on the major search engines. We specialize in SEO and each website we design comes fully optimized for peak search enbgine ranking.

Social Media Marketing

curiosity is just another customer...

People spend countless hours on social media sites interacting with friends, family, companies, government, and services. We manage your social media campaigns to target people who will be interested in what you have to offer.


We want you to come away from our website with your questions answered so you can make an educated decision in choosing the best website designer for your project. Click the button below and visit our FAQ page for some of the most frequent questions we receive.



Being a Nerd used to be uncool! How the times have changed...
CJ Clevinger - Chief Executive Geek & Guru

C.J. Clevinger

Resident Geek & Guru

C.J. has been in marketing and e-marketing since the 1990's. His latest venture before starting Clevinger & Co. was as President of Elkview Web Designs in Charleston, WV. He took the small company from a kitchen office to 2 locations in West Virginia and managed 40 websites and 150+ web marketing campaigns over a period of 8 years.

Brutus - Protector of the Realm

Brutus Clevinger a.k.a. "Brute"

Protector of the Realm

Brutus is the brains of the outfit, his duties include protecting the company from stray cat's, dog's, mailmen and a variety of paper or plastic bags that might try to invade the serene environment of Clevinger & Co. The wonderful thing about Brute is he requires no days off, no vacation time and works for food.