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Search Engine Optimization

higher rankings = higher conversions.

If a man sells shoes and sees 15 people a day and he closes 10% of the people he sees, he must sell really expensive shoes.  But if he see's 150 people a day, well... Welcome to what SEO can do for you.

search engine optimization

Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly changing their algorithms to provide a more relevant listing to their users. These changes often affect your rankings, first let's assume you have rankings. At Clevinger & Co. we stay in the loop concerning these changes and implement best practices and SEO procedures to make sure our SEO client's maintain the high rankings we have worked hard to achieve for them. Our SEO programs run quarterly and include weekly reporting so you can see and measure the results and rankings we provide for you. Our analytics we provide will enable your team to make real-time marketing decisions that take advantage of the latest search trends.

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